Friday, November 6, 2009

First Visit with Mozaik

OKay. I came to Bosnia with only the guarantee of a welcoming family and home thanks to the Rotary Club. Over the past few months I have had contact with the director of the Bosnian NGO- Fondaciju Mozaik- which I discovered on-line and seemed that it was doing community development work that I was interested in. Besides some basic info and welcoming emails from its director, Vesna, I did not know if I could team up with Mozaik to volunteer as a landscape architect. But, the 'idea' of volunteering with a grassroots Bosnian non-profit like Mozaik was enough to convince to give life in Sarajevo a chance.

So, today I had a much anticipated meeting with Vesna in their office in Sarajevo. From the start it was just an enthusiastic exchange of who I am and what Mozaik is all about. Even more than in her emails, Vesna was totally welcoming and made it clear that their is every possibility for me to involve myself and talent with Mozaik. Like all of their employees, I can carve out for myself a working identity which creatively interacts with the rest of the team. I learned a lot about the organization and was really surprised by the scope and success of their work and was pleased to find out that they have a great reputation fiscally and with municipal governments across Bosnia.

When it's all said and done, I have a legitimate opportunity to work with Mozaik. It's still unclear when and how that can happen but I know I am touring a potential project area with them on Monday and I have been invited to start hanging out at the office getting to know the other employees, sitting in on meetings and getting in the loop with their prospective community development opportunities. I know that this is still a little general but in the following weeks I should be able to get some clarity and share that with you.

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Susan said...

so happy to hear that your first meeting went well. praying that God continues to open doors for you and your gifts! :)